FSWT encompasses 12.5 acres at 2610 Fairfax Street in a predominantly residential area of Jacksonville, Duval County, Florida. The Site was involuntarily acquired by the City of Jacksonville in 2018 and was formerly used as a wood treating facility. The responsible party operated a wood treating facility that pressure treated utility poles, pilings, heavy timber items, and plywood lumber products using the wood treating preservative chromated copper arsenate (CCA). Prior to 1990 when the stormwater collection and retention system was constructed, stormwater was either directed to the retention pond or flowed overland across the facility property. Uncontrolled stormwater,  contaminated with CCA from the wood treating process, is believed to have overflowed onto neighboring properties, resulting in CCA-contaminated soil. The selected remedy for the site will be applicable to on- site debris, on-site soils, off-site residential soils, retention pond sediments, and residual waste material. Activities performed were collecting, preparing, and shipping environmental samples in accordance with the Field Sampling Plan (FSP).


Client: EPA/ Black and Veatch

Location: Jacksonville, Duval County, Florida

Time Period: 2018-2019

Type: Remedial Construction

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