The Peach Orchard Road PCE Site is a groundwater plume that has impacted one of three Augusta Utilities Department well fields located in the southern part of Augusta, Georgia. The groundwater contamination was first detected in one of the City’s wells in June 1996, during routine sampling of municipal well water. Since that time, PCE has been detected in six (6) additional municipal wells in the Peach Orchard Well Field and in numerous monitoring wells installed in the area. The PCE groundwater plume was estimated to cover up to 350 acres of the 900 acre-well field. As a result of the contamination, the City permanently closed one well in October 1999, and took four additional wells off-line in May 2001. The RI/FS work involved the evaluation of Georgia (EPD) investigations of 26 potential sources of a PCE plume. This effort resulted in the identification of 4 sources that are all, or once were, dry cleaning facilities. Some of these are still in operation and were started as far back as 1954 Poor waste management practices resulted in groundwater contaminated with perchloroethylene (PCE). A FS was conducted to evaluate potential technologies to clean-up the contaminated groundwater. The selected remedy was In-Site Chemical Oxidation and In-Situ Enhanced Bioremediation. The RI/FS effort ended in September 2007 with the signing of the ROD. J5 assisted Black & Veatch in support of EPA’s Remedial Action Contract II (RAC II) at the Peach Orchard Road Plume site in Augusta, GA. J5 assisted Black & Veatch personnel with groundwater sampling at the Site.


Client: EPA

Location: Augusta, Richmond County, Georgia

Time Period: 2019

Type: Remedial Construction

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