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Mr. Brown’s Backyard is a private residential property that tested positive for creosote compounds during an area survey conducted as part of the former Kerr McGee property impact assessment. The objective of this project is to remove and replace the upper twelve inches of soil from the previously flooded, backyard area of the Brown Property at 2614 17th Ave. North.

The Brown Property area to be cleaned is approximately 61 feet wide and 56 feet in length. Excavation will be 1 foot in-depth with 1 to 2 feet of fill and topsoil being replaced back and then sod will be placed. In order to access soils near the back-property line where flooding had occurred, three existing sheds will need to be removed. The property owner has asked that only one shed (the largest of the three) be replaced with a new shed.


Client: Greenfield Environmental Multistate Trust

Location: Columbus MS

Time Period: 2017

Type: Field Services

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