J5 GBL was contracted by the Greenfield Environmental Multistate Trust, Inc. to clean all contaminated areas from 90-acre Pine Yard. The overall objective of this Environmental Action is to remove creosote-contaminated materials from the Pine Yard portion of the former Kerr-McGee site in Columbus, Ms., as described in the EPA-approved Pine Yard Site Removal Action Work Plan (RAWP). The overall purpose of cleanup activities planned for the Pine Yard is to remove creosote contaminated materials in order to prevent unacceptable exposure to humans and animals, to stop or minimize the movement of contamination, and to prepare the Pine Yard for future redevelopment.

J5 completed the survey of the west, north and east boundary line; cleared the boundary line of trees and brush that interview with the fence construction; constructed new fence. J5 performed all monitoring and activities required by the Pine Yard RAWP and as necessary to ensure worker safety and the safety of the surrounding community.

Providing a secure work site at all times, restricting access only to J5 GBL employees, subcontractors and other personnel as approved by the Multistate Trust. Implemented a rigorous Health and Safety program, requiring all on-site personnel to have appropriate training and certifications. Preformed excavation, transport and disposal of contaminated soil and replace with clean soil to prevent unacceptable risks to future residents and/or industrial/commercial workers who may come into contact with surface soil and to protect potential future construction workers who may come into contact with subsurface soil.


Client: Greenfield Environmental Multistate Trust

Location: Columbus MS

Time Period: 2018-2019

Type: Remedial Construction

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